Scavenger Hunt!

The time is ‘nigh: South By Southwest 2008 is upon us. In a few short hours, downtown Austin will be transformed into the carnivalesque, beer-soaked marketing nexus everyone knows and loves. This year, give our Advertising Anarchy Scavenger Hunt a shot. Photograph an example of each of these 8 categories and when you’ve got them all email them to Bryan. We’ve got some great prizes (and free bragging rights) to the first and most creative submissions.


Click the image to download a handy PDF version.


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SXSW is an Austin event. And Door Number 3 is an Austin advertising agency. We're interested in how new ideas in advertising, media and branding will be presented during these 9 quick days. From inside the lecture halls where top specialists present their thoughts, to out on the streets where advertising is put to the test on tens of thousands of festival-goers. We'll be there with the complete coverage, reports, photos, editorials, and perhaps some tricks on how to sneak into a few sweet afterparties.

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