Moustaches & Rainbows


I stumbled upon this scene the other night – anything that involves fake moustaches is definitely worth checking out. It ended up being a little promotional stunt for a film at the festival called Rainbow Around the Sun. The street team gave me my own fake moustache, a flyer and a CD with a few tracks from the film. It definitely caught my attention, but I suppose its effectiveness is based more on one’s interest in this particular film.


1 Response to “Moustaches & Rainbows”

  1. 1 debro March 17, 2008 at 11:56 pm

    I ran into these guys too. What fun. I was enticed to see the film by their enthusiasm. Loved it!! I never looked so good in a moustache. Great music, great film. kind of reminds me of a good rock opera, so creative and entertaining with a message that one can take personally on many levels.

    Hope to see great things of these guys.

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