The Calm Before the Swag Storm

Last night was pretty low-key as far as free parties go. There was a huge party at Stubb’s, but it was badge-only, and no amount of name-dropping got us in the door. Instead, we walked down 6th Street, where most of the promotional materials touted all the music shows starting today. Interactive is over; music has not yet begun.Over on Red River there was an awesome sight: a truck parked on the corner and a band playing on top of the truck. Passersby and drive-bys alike craned their necks to see what it was all about. People’s Party, a band/register-to-vote-vehicle, was raising awareness, giving out free CDs and koozies, and offered voter registration forms. An interesting combo, but we spent 15 minutes scoping the whole scene out, so the spectacle worked. And we used our koozies later in the night, further promoting this strange coupling.peoplesparty2.jpg

We also happened into Latitude 30, a bar who has painted “British Music Embassy” on their façade—which is strangely buzz-worthy. People have been commenting on what commitment it takes to actually paint the building. They were offering free drinks, for no apparent reason, as no one was playing and there were maybe fifteen people in the bar. It was good advertising for the bar, I suppose, but nothing else.Without any other option, we hit Union Park for the mediatemple party, which was also badge-only, butpersistence got us inside that one. The spotlight with Mediatemple’s logo shone on the outside of the building, and it was particularly eye-catching either because of the way the building was or the simplicity of the logo (apparently, lowercase letters as branding are hot this year).


Inside, they had tons of mt stickers spread out on tables, mt coasters and postcards. These were good branding as well, not only because of the drinking but because drunk people stuck the stickers on the tables and bars. Might as well have the people work for your brand as well.note: the People’s Party band photo is from eudaemonia’s Flickr stream.


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