Boats & Smokin’

We went on the March Mashup boat cruise, a free-food-and-drink affair Wednesday night. Trying my darndest, I could not find a single reason for it to exist, until one of the founders told me, “we just thought it would be awesome to have a party on a boat, during SXSW.” Well okay.

The sponsors of the event, Red Stripe beer, Hey Cupcake!, and the Daily Juice, were very well-promoted and their products were the only things served, so they certainly benefitted from the event. Daily Juice made crazy – and delicious – cocktails in coconuts, something that was so memorable it makes me want to stop into the Daily Juice to try something in the store. Last night we also went and saw a couple bands at the Smokin’ “place”. I say that because I don’t know what the actual name of it is, but “Smokin’ ______” is written on the side of the building, colored smokebillows out from the roof, you can smoke inside since it’s not technically an indoor venue (which means port-o-potties… ugh), and it’s all sponsored by Natural American Spirit.

You can evenstop by the cigarette “bar” for a fix. If an advertiser can carry out a theme to that extent, it’s pretty impressive. And the smoke is visible for blocks!


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