Bryan Keplesky
A self- described “subcultural anthropologist,” Bryan has his hands in all parts of the creative department, including art direction, design and production. He cut his teeth in Richmond, Virginia. His creative work has been recognized by the ADDYs, International Summit Awards, Print Magazine, STEP Inside Design and the Side Bar. Bryan also co-publishes Misprint Magazine where he is also a writer and creative director. Misprint has been called the best local ‘zine by both The Chronicle and The Austin American-Statesman. A couple local bands don’t like it so much, though.

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MK Woltz
Mary Katherine “MK” brings her vast experience and expertise in analyzing consumer insights to the Door Number 3 Media Department. Prior to becoming a key Doorkeeper, MK worked in New York with Media Vest Worldwide and OMD, developing integrated communications plans for global advertisers including Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson and Kraft. Her unique passion for unlocking strategic and creative media ideas has led her to receive several awards, including recognition for her work in media innovation on the Coca-Cola account. MK has a BA in Advertising Management from Southern Methodist University.

Prentice Howe
Prentice manages the creative department and the development of client campaigns. His work has been recognized by Cannes Lions, London International Awards, Association of Independent Producers, the ADDYs, Archive and Creativity. While living in Los Angeles, Prentice co-authored four screenplays and a children’s animated series. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BA in Advertising, completing Temerlin Advertising Institute’s portfolio program.

Anthony Moschella
Anthony’s areas of expertise include nanotechnology, giant cranes, hot rocks, the history of music journalism, cephalopods and beer. When not at his day job designing the robots of tomorrow, he operates as the other half of Misprint Magazine and comes up with ridiculously lucrative ideas like the Misprint Beard & Moustache Competition. In a past life, Anthony was a New Jersey native and was educated at Brown University and Georgia Tech.

Lyssa Myska Allen
Lyssa is a religious studies and history major who returned home to Austin after graduating from Rice University. So naturally she became the editor of four magazines, but after just a year gave up the glory for freelance writing. Lyssa has experienced both sides of SXSW, not only as a participant but as a former bartender at exclusive afterparties.

Amanda Thomas
When Amanda isn’t driving or thinking about the color yellow, she is completing Texas Creative, the University of Texas’ portfolio building program. She enjoys thinking creatively and speaking what French she knows. Amanda came to Austin by way of Hwy. 183, a near straight-shot from Port Lavaca, a sleepy town on the Texas coast.

Austin Harkey
Austin studied film at the University of Georgia where he made a collection of independent student films for several industry festivals. He then moved on to manage various experiential marketing campaigns and produce promotional videos for clients such as Mini Cooper, Dr. Pepper, Cingular, Dasani, and Habitat for Humanity. Now living in Los Angeles, Austin works freelance for a number of production houses that produce commercials for Ford, Lexus, Yahoo, and many others. When he is not busy quoting The Goonies, he is busy writing and filming independent film projects.


SXSW is an Austin event. And Door Number 3 is an Austin advertising agency. We're interested in how new ideas in advertising, media and branding will be presented during these 9 quick days. From inside the lecture halls where top specialists present their thoughts, to out on the streets where advertising is put to the test on tens of thousands of festival-goers. We'll be there with the complete coverage, reports, photos, editorials, and perhaps some tricks on how to sneak into a few sweet afterparties.

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