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2008 SXSW Web Awards

The SXSW Web Award Winners were announced last night, spanning 20 categories – from Activism to Business to Technical Achievement. Here are a handful of victors that especially caught our eye.

Amusement : Elf Yourself

Who doesn’t remember uploading headshots onto Office Max’s microsite this past holiday season? Yes, we were all sucked in by the novelty of watching Grandpa and the family dog dance around in little elf costumes. Fun stuff, for sure. You have to hand it to the creators of this site – they nailed the art of going viral.

Technical Achievement : Twiddla

As business goes global, we’re always grasping for new ways to stay connected. Much like “Telepresence” Video Conferencing – here’s a tool to stay linked to those far and wide. Participants can jump in the sandbox and draw together in real-time as they chat. You can mark up websites, photos or just about anything else. And here’s the best part…no plug-ins or downloads. Woot! Woot!

Motion Graphics: HL2

No matter how crazy cool a site is, I get kind of pissy when I can’t quickly figure out who or what it’s for. I’ll save you some digging and tell you that they’re an ad agency. Frustrations aside, they created a very cool site centered around a human heart.

Personal Portfolio: Jlern Design

Here’s proof that menus do not have to dwell on the borders of the browser. This website’s center-of-the-page rotating menu is as cool as the work being featured within it. A simple little thing completely reinvented. This designer should have more than a few job offers once this site gets passed around.

Art : Viscosity

Self-proclaimed as the “modern art generator,” Viscosity is kind of like a web-based empty canvas for the everyman. I jumped on and created a really ugly piece of abstract art in about two minutes. From there, I was able to watch my pointless blob move around and even share it with people who have way too much time on their hands. I’m not sure what the future of this site is but the level of interactivity was completely new to me and that alone makes it worth sharing.

Check out all the winners here:


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