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Friday, March 14



Quote of the Day : Rico

Rico is an Austinite and street team member for SoundCheck magazine. His second year at SXSW, he is here for both music and film. Here’s what Rico had to say about the branding of SXSW.

What are you excited about this year?

I’m excited about the bands (Devotcha, Lisps, and Blows) and also all the movies that are showing.

What products have you seen so far?

I’ve seen a lot of Vice posters and posters for energy/fruit drinks, too.

Do you think street marketing works?

Yeah, I think so. So many people are out in the street that it makes for a good place to get out there and really show what you’re promoting.

If you attend a branded party, are you more likely to use the product?

I’m more likely to use the product, yeah. If it’s a good experience, then I definitely am likely to use it.


Daily T Shirt

This was an interesting find. Over at the Convention Center, the movie Second Skin was showing, and I immediately found this guy promoting it. Initially I thought Second Skin might be a cell phone or laptop cover, but he satisfied my curiosity by responding it was just a movie and that he would be happy to have his photo taken with the director, Juan Carlos Piñeiro Escoriaza (left).


Daily Namedrop : Yacht

While I’m pretty sure Yacht has received a ton of blog press already, I feel compelled to add a little bit more. I saw the electro/R&B duo at the Fort/Fader, and it blew my mind. Yacht is entertaining, a great spectacle to watch, and the music is incredible. I was dancing unabashedly. “See a Penny Pick It Up” is a perfect blend of electro beats and great melodies. If you missed their performances at SXSW, put picking up their CD on the top of your list.


Daily Signage : Vitamin Water

What the? When I saw this, I took a couple of double takes. This is the exact same poster style seen a couple of days ago by Fuze beverages! I also saw NOS doing the same thing, but after some research I found that NOS is one of Fuze’s line of drinks. I still like the idea, but if everyone jumps on the band wagon, the tactic will just become boring.


SXSW is an Austin event. And Door Number 3 is an Austin advertising agency. We're interested in how new ideas in advertising, media and branding will be presented during these 9 quick days. From inside the lecture halls where top specialists present their thoughts, to out on the streets where advertising is put to the test on tens of thousands of festival-goers. We'll be there with the complete coverage, reports, photos, editorials, and perhaps some tricks on how to sneak into a few sweet afterparties.

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